About Matstyle

Matstyle is the entrance mat business of Pattern One Limited. The other main brand is Autostyle, producer of specialist car mats since 1992.

We found that the most popular Autostyle products are the top quality personalised car mats that we manufacture ourselves here in Milton Keynes. Further expanding this idea, we ended up with the concept of personalised entrance mats.

At Matstyle, we pride ourselves to be a no-nonsense supplier of personalised entrance mats. This means that you supply your own design and we will supply you with a top quality entrance mat with your design on it. It is as simple as that.

We don’t do “set-up-fees”; we don’t do “artwork-charges”. Turnaround is normally well within 2 weeks.

Make your business entrance look more professional, use your floor for advertising, or make your friends smile when they visit you. It can all be done with a Matstyle personalised entrance mat.

Next to this, we can now supply all kinds of other mats as well.

Peter Altena
Managing Director